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SAIA (pronounced SIGH-ah) was established in Houma, Louisiana in 1924 as SAIA Motor Freight Line. Goods were then only hauled within Louisiana, from Houma to New Orleans and vice versa. SAIA has since expanded by establishing terminals throughout Louisiana and Texas over the next few decades, and has now become a premier regional less-than-truckload carrier in the United States and now ranks in the top ten carriers in the LTL sector.

Unlike the full truck load model which only has one set destination for freight, the less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers normally have several drivers in a city collect freight from various shippers. This makes it possible for your shipment to be delivered at a very small percentage of the cost if it had to be sent on a large trailer by itself. LTL also offers guarantees that Full Truck Load carriers normally do not. The total shipping cost may be more costly than FTL, however, but the service is more secure and each shipment can cost less than a full truckload. To speak with an SAIA Truckload representative, you may contact 1-877-348-3643, or complete one of the Truckload or Head Load request forms for shipment availability and rate information.

SAIA, Inc. is among the leading regional less-than-truckload  companies in the United States with revenue exceeding $900 million annually. They serve the Midwest, South, Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Western regions of the United States. North American partner coverage is offered in Alaska, Hawaii, and New England and also extends to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. SAIA boasts of its direct coverage throughout 34 states and 147 terminal locations, and has approximately 7,500 employees with more than 10,000 pieces of equipment in total. They are also known for fast, reliable multi-regional service throughout the country. With direct delivery to over 40,000 zip code destinations, SAIA can deliver most shipments in the transit time and coverage you need.

SAIA offers competitive transit time’s on-time reliability and extensive coverage. It also goes above and beyond to provide the best service for customers. Guaranteed Select (GS) service options allows customers to  pick the time they require delivery by, be it 12:00, 02:00, or 05:00, and write it in their Bill of Lading. Delivery is guaranteed to arrive by the selected time (provided it is within SAIA’s standard published transit times). A 34-state direct coverage area has pick up locations, with delivery available anywhere in the continental US. GS ensures that the delivery arrives 30 minutes ahead of time, that shipments are expedited throughout the continental US, and will even work with you to meet your specific shipping needs.

If you are looking to track your SAIA shipment, here are the instructions to help you:

1. Visit the SAIA home page

2. On the right you will see a box allowing you to enter up to 20 SAIA tracking numbers

3. Enter one number per line

4. Click the TRACK button

5. Review the results

You will also see more tracking options on the left side of the screen, but the box on the right is pretty simple to understand and helpful.

If you have any trouble locating your SAIA shipment, you can also contact the company. Their customer service phone number is 1-800-765-7242.

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